10s battery pack 18650 choice


I’m about to buy 18650s for ~10Ah 10s battery pack. Up until yesterday, I was planning on getting 30 Samsung 30Q batteries to get 9Ah, 45A discharge rate and pay 152€ for them. Standard.

Then I stumbled upon this cell and I am unsure. If I get 50 of these Sony cells, I will get 11.25 Ah, 50A discharge rate and pay only 107€. Pretty much the same goes for these and these.

I know I must be missing something because this seems too good to be true. Why shouldn’t I opt for the lower discharge, but cheaper cells?

Those are all 10a cells with only 2200mAh. The 30q is a 20a cell with 3000mAh. So you need more parallel cells to get the same current out of your pack. If you have enough space and weight is not an issue than nothing bad in go with a 10a cell and make a 5p or bigger pack

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Ok, that’s what I was thinking.

I will build a 5p pack that is cheaper, has more capacity and has pretty much equal discharge rate.

double check the amp rating of the cells you want to choose on a side like from mooch who made real live discharge tests. mooch

Those konion cells are solid too, they are whats used in Makita (and other power tools) battery packs.

Other option you’ve got is to buy them from china, I understand this can be a bit of a lottery but these guys on aliexpress are very well reviewed. I’ve bought cells from them before for vaping and they have all proved to be genuine. The 30q’s are new to them however.

doesn’t makita use vtc5a or vtc6?

They do now yes, those are the ‘original’ ones that were used I believe.

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if you got the space for it and the rating is a accurate check with mooch as @Andy87 said i would go for it