10S Bestech BMS EU wanted (HCX-D223V1 or HCX-D131)

Like the title says I am in need of a 10S Bestech BMS. The model I want is the normal HCX-D223V1 or HCX-D131 model, doesn’t matter. I could do a small group buy (I am level 3), if nobody is in I will just order 2 for myself. I thought I would be doing a 12S build but I can’t seem to fit a 12S4P battery with dual VESC into the @MasterCho enclosure. Shipping would be to Sweden.

I’d be interested in buying the 12s BMS or your selling it. How much would you be asking for. What model is it, if you dont mind me asking.

It was recently sold, sorry

Its ok. Thanks anyway bro.

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