10s Bestech BMS - Europe

I’m in need of this BMS and so far I haven’t found anyone selling his spare BMS.

So this is a topic with two goals:

Do you have one spare? Or Do you feel like ordering a set of two with me (since bestech only allows orders with a minimum of two).

Here is the spec sheet for the BMS I’m after. I will be using it for Lipos

I’m based in the Netherlands might this be of interest to anyone

As a second option, you can consider buying SuPower’s BMS from Aliexpress. Works perfectly fine here, and cheaper.

Verzending kan misschien even duren though

If you can front the Money, just order 2 and after you get them you can sell one on the forum. Then you won’t have to wait.

The Bestech is much better than the Supower and there only $49 + shipping and Paypal fee They have a built in E-switch that’s worth $40 by its self.

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I bought one of these for 3dollar


Wel nog niet getest :wink:

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Shipping to NL costs $29, + import costs. With the built in e-switch it’s an okay deal but the price is significantly higher than buying the one from Aliexpress. In total it is a €37 difference.

Hmmm getting the Bestech one would be a better choice in my opinion. I heard the supower don’t have a very good reputation as far as reliability goes I also really dig the eswitch. A key feature i would say

@Namasaki yeah my plan is to sell the spare one if nobody replies in time, not really a big of a deal but its reassuring if i can get rid of it in a short amount of time

@e.board_solutions 16 ampere lijkt me toch iets te weinig. zeker gezien ik met lipos ga rijden wil ik een goede controle over de ontlading van de batterijen hebben en die is er natuurlijk niet als ik de bms alleen zou gebruiken voor opladen. lipos hebben de neiging begreep ik om uit balans te raken tijdens ontlading, ook al staan ze in serie aan elkaar gekoppeld Dan dus maar even die investering waardoor mn batterijen langer meegaan!

Valt goed mee hoor, op mijn eerste esk8 heb ik een jaar rondgereden zonder BMS :slight_smile:

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@e.board_solutions @Yecrtz maybe one of you is interested in the spare one?

@GunnarK What’s the price of it?

Ach heb nu in principe alles gekocht behalve de bms atm Geeft toch een prettig gevoel om het op die manier te doen

Nah I’m good. Just got the SuPower one from Aliexpress and it’s working very nicely. If you are interested in how it performs, I posted a balance check in my own topic.

@e.board_solutions keep in mind the bms you linked doesn’t balance. It’s only a protection board.

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Quote van ‘Donna’ via mail: This BMS unit price is $39. and the shipping fee by DHL is: 27$.

Good price! They are $49 to USA customers. 2 of them cost me $136 shipped

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Dem differences ! haha

Different money conversion?

I have no idea man Maybe just price drops?

@Yecrtz What does a protection board do? I thought it was a cheap BMS haha

As stated in the description it does overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit protection. If you check the table with the specs you can see the balance rows are crossed off.

It just checks if something goes wrong and cuts the power. That’s why it is so cheap and small! :slight_smile:

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Als je uw tweede man nog niet hebt gevonden wil ik er mss wel eentje :slight_smile: