10s BMS and charger help

Hello. First, I would like to get one thing clear. This topic may seem like I should not have created a new one, but I feel like there is a lot of conflicting information, so I feel like their is no clear answer.

I am planning a belt driven build, with this battery:

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good bms systems, and chargers/charging ports which would be compatible, links would be nice. Thank you

You can go with bestech or this one which I have the 60A http://www.batterysupports.com/lion-lipo-nbsp-36v-nbsp-10s-c-32_41.html they also have power supplies etc

And you will most probably want at least two of those batteries.

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could i use this for charge only?

Sure, you can go with lower amperage if you want charging only.

what amperage would you recomend? And how would i wire it? Also would you mind sharing links to the charger and port?

and also, can i put a battery power indicator on this?

Well for charging the 30A is more than enough. I am not sure what charge port you want since the bms does not come with any. You will have to connect it up yourself based on the wiring diagram in the description of the BMS. So you will have to solder your own connectors. And yes you can, you will connect the battery indicator in parallel with your battery ideally after your switch so that you dont have it on all the time draining your battery.

would it work if i just connected the balance ports?

I got a spare bms if you want to buy

i will see. I need to look at my options and figure out what is best