10s charge only bms [eu]

Yup title says it all. I ordered a few from ebay. Just don’t want to wait 30-40 days on them. So you have a spare?

I was in the same situation as you. Ordered this one : https://m.banggood.com/10S-36V-40A-18650-Li-ion-Lithium-Cell-Battery-Protection-BMS-PCB-Board-With-Balance-p-1256274.html?rmmds=search

If you choose “priority direct mail” they are sending through Netherlands. I usually have it within 10 days

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That’s the one I ordered from ebay. Damn 10 days. I could live with that. Thanks!

Damn I can only select “free shipping” :rage:

Strange. … Do you choose “ad to Cart” and not “buy now” to give you more shipping optionsScreenshot_20180629-101436

I see the shipping options. Just can’t select any. Will try from a comouter after work. Screenshot_20180629-111611

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I can help you. I have in stock one i will not use ATM. IMG_20180629_1040162045093914422650631 No profit if course. I can send you at cost+ shippings. I used It on one of my packs. The bms works fine


muchas gracias! You ship from spain right?

Si amigo desde España

fantástico! I pm you