10s Charge Only BMS [US]

yea… don’t wanna wait for it to come from china :rofl:

Wait. Do you only use BMS for charging?

that would be the reason it says “charge only” :wink:

So you have two pairs of parallel wires out of the cell. One pair for bms along with the balancing cord and the other for the vesc? So you can use the minimum amp output bms?

what? all charge only means is that i can use 10a bms’s without a problem , I only have 11 balance wires, like everybody else that runs charge only.

I lost you there. So the BMS only handles charging? Guess I’ll figure this out some where else.

yea. no current goes through it while riding, it only charges and balances

Is there a downside to doing this? Why doesn’t everyone do it?

some people like discharging through them. discharging through a bms gives you low voltage and amperage cutoffs, which in my opinion, are unnecessary for our application since all those can be handled with vesc settings.

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Ah… The VESC handles the cutoffs. So the discharge/charge BMS is for secondary safety.

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I have a 10s bms from a hover board with the charger. Not sure if that would work but if it would PM me. I’m in NY

I don’t even know the amp rating for it but it was previously connected to a 10s2p pack for charge and discharge, so I think for charge only it doesn’t really matter

It also adds additional risks. You now have an extra failure mode. Plus, if the battery is completely full and you hit the brakes, the BMS will disable your brakes to not overcharge the battery. Not sure about you, but I’d rather damage the battery than myself

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@GrecoMan, still have if you need it.

Watched couple his videos & he also have a website Idk much about them but here’s a BMS from the site

I need a 12s charge only… sorry for the spam but I can’t start a thread yet lol.

how much do you want for just the bms?

Greco…come on man…

the whole reason this thread was started was because i don’t have $40 more to throw away :rofl:

:frowning: OP looked like the reason was waiting from China to me…

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