10s dewalt battery setup

Hi all Just wandering if anyones used batterys from there power tools to power there eboards?

Here’s one…

Cheers mate…

Never even thought of that. If you are, make a build log and document it!

Ye thats the plan… :+1:

It’ll be somewhat limited in terms of power and range, but hot swappable packs will solve the range issue at least.

Plan to run 2 of these… So 36v 18ah 360 watt hours So esentially a 10s setup…

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you’ll get 36v 9ah. the limiting factor is the discharge, not the capacity or voltage

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Sorry but can you please explain? How does ah remain the same?

I think Makita uses VTC6 Cells which have a pretty good discharge, dont know about others

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I would had thought 30 Samsung 25r 18650 cells would be plenty enough to power an eboard or am I missing something?

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Yea, that’s good enough for a board

I like the way power tool batterys have pretty good water tightness, quick release and plug into a charger effortlessly.

What would be the coolest thing is 3D printed module that has 6+ receptacles that sits between the feet on a trampa which allows to you plug in/replace the power packs for charging.

I’m looking at a weeny Ryobi pack with 5 probably not great cells and no doubt nicklel plated connections, but it’s hardy and utilises space very efficiently, probably all that could be changed and I think there is a charging pcb in there for balancing which could go to make room for a 6th cell.

But I guess people like decreet packs flexy under the deck, I like the shit out of that ^


Cheers acido… Ive got like 20 plus batterys i use for work so its bit of a no brainer for me to try and use these compared to buying a 12s setup. Pros being… batts can be dual/multi purposed No enclosures needed When flat can easiy change out Able to travel on plane/over seas No need for bmc/Can charge quick using dewalt rapid charger Tough rugged casings with built in batt moniters and pretty mch best cordless batt on the market made with samsung 25r cells… not cheap lipo or china cells… Only downside is where to mount them and there weight…


How cool to use your tools to get to work, then use them for work, this has legs! I’d be keeping a close eye on that on-site


connectin in series = double voltage, no increase in aH or amperage output connecting in parallel = double aH and amperage output, no increase in voltage


If you got a shit ton of those, you can disassemble them, cut the weight in half and the size too

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I think he wants to use just two packs, each pack has a 5s2p config

was thinking of the same, little different battery pack only cause i have a bunch of these already for work like what @banjaxxed mentioned. little bit smaller than dewalt. was thinking of running underneath board as to have access to them along the side edge of board. with any battery like this multiple charges could help. will be keeping an eye on this project.

EDIT: pretty soon i’ll HAVE to bring my board to work. Between the batteries, “bad ass speakers”, spot lights, all I need is to figure out how to strap the laptop to it. (mobile office) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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