10S ESC (30€) & Hobbyking Turnigy Conversion Truck Set (25€) [Completely NEW]

They are completely new and haven’t been used once! I would pay the shipping (living in germany)

Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Kit Spare Parts - Truck Set (Front and Back) for 25€:


single motor electric longboard skateboard controller ESC Substitute 10S for 30€: http://www.ebay.de/itm/302332747417

It’s not my business but why are you selling them?

Btw, how much for both with shipping to UK?

Would take the ESC for 30 to Ireland

Solders for 10s?

okay. it would cost 9€ to ship it to ireland. Would u pay 4€ for the shipping?

Im switching to hub motor… yes it is a bit late for that, after buying everyhting.

yeah sure €34 is fine, but presume this is from brushless motor. Let me know if I need to modify for 10s.pm me dude

How much do you ask for the trucks incl shipping to Belgium?

Didn’t hear back from PMs and lost interest in buying so I guess ESC may still be for sale

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hey i live in Netherlands, are the trucks still available? would really love to buy them

Is it still available?