10s Lipo in a meepo v3

I’m looking to upgrade the battery in my meepo v3, and instead of buying the ER battery I was planning to use two 5s 8000mah 30c lipos in series as they would be cheaper and as they have a better discharge than the meepo pack.

I already have a balance charger and lipo bag etc from another hobby and as long as I take them out each time and charge them separately would it be as simple as plugging in any other battery pack? Or would I need a better ESC.

(I think I would also need a loop key as it wouldn’t connect to the e switch)

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better discharge won’t help you if the esc limits what it takes.

I replaced my hobbywing esc with a Vesc as well as a custom battery. (p42a) very happy.


Will it not sag less uphill/at low battery? even if it doesn’t sag less as long as it wont harm the esc that’s fine by me its more for the range.

would be interested on how you made the custom battery from those Molicel. Do you have pictures? Thanks! Trying to upgrade mine but don’t wanna rip apart current working “STANDARD” battery just to study how to spot weld them together. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I ordered it from someone on the other forum who builds custom batteries. Told him what kind of form factor i need and he got made it. On my enclosure i just had to remove some foam pads on the side and i fit perfectly. I did mine on my wowgo 3 enclosure but the meepo enclsoure Will work as well since meepo sells p42a [ER] packs on their own.

If you want to learn how to spotweld or learn about batteries i highly recommend checking out our battery builders thread

No matter our differences, one must always respect the craft. That’s what I loved about esk8. Beautifully designed as always.