10s or 12s mountainboard battery needed


Does anyone have a 10s or 12s mountainboard battery for sale? Please message me if you have anything available.

Or if you can build me custom battery for a good price let me know.

Thank you

Are u US? I can build you a battery. I dont really market myself but I’m very capable. There are a few other here as well who can build reliable packs. The question is what kind of pack you want beside 10s 12s… Arrangement and what not. Do you have cells already…do we need to order… All these things need to be factored in before getting a quote. Thx

Yes i live in michigan

I was looking for a 12s4p or 12s5p

Mountain board style layout for top mount

I do not have the cells yet. We need to get some. I do have a bms and charger though. It is this 12s bms:


I am willing to get a different bms though because im not sure if i like this one

Not bad… I doubt youd break 100amps continuous… 80 even unless youre particularly heavy… Most people who go for high discharge use a d140 or d596… And at 4p most likely your max available would me 80amps if u go with 30q…

So you want a brick then? Top mount in a box, rectangle battery… Cells in mind?

Yeah whatever you recommend im cool with.

I was hoping to reach a range of like 25 miles so whatever cells can get me there will be fine.

Imma drop u a pm…

I have a 12s4p flexible battery from my Trampa HS11, I can sell it with focboxes, enclosure, charge port and antispark switch for a fair price.


I can help you out if you still need a battery.