10s or 12s setup

I’m going to be upgrading my battery set up and going to be using a vesc ,and I’m trying to figure out what battery would be best for my setup. Will a 10s or 12s be better for a vesc with a tb 6374 190kv motor. I’ve seen issues of the vesc drv chip burning out because of 12s setups,will it happen here?

I’m upgrading to a 12s myself, go big or go home! I’d rather have the extra power, because you can always limit the speed. Can’t make a 10s pack get 12s speed/torque

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You’ll have to limit the motor to 60k erpm, so it won’t have quite as much top end with 12s as it would normally. I’m running 10s and no lack of power here. It’s all about the gear ratio.

It will go over the Erpm limit and you have to limit the negative torque. There’s a forum on here. @namasaki knows a lot about the vesc settings. I can’t find the post

Wouldn’t 12s give you more speed and torque? I know gear ratios do but I figured that’d put more stress on the motor/belt which would result in skipping?

Yes, 12s will give you more speed and torque, but you’ll hit the 60k erpm limit before you reach the full RPM potential of the motor+battery combo. I dunno how much I trust the limiting not to exceed that limit and fry the DRV. I’d rather have a setup that still has plenty of power, and has no chance to fry itself if the limiting fails.

With a high powered single, you’ll probably be using a 15mm belt, and you may even want to look into using an idler to improve belt slip at high loads and braking.