10s2p under 160wh (Bought)

I need a battery pack that is flight friendly. Anything under 160wh works. I dont know if meepo will deliver in time…

Might have to go with a custom one I’m afraid. I had @pjotr47 build me a 12s2p pack out of LG HB6 cells, so the pack ended up being 3Ah * 50.4V = 151Wh, which I managed to take on a plane with me with no trouble! (I’m surprised they didn’t ask me any questions at the airport, as had these been standard capacity cells, it would’ve been over the limits, but I guess I got lucky.) Be aware that having only 2P will limit your regenerative breaking limit, and thus your overall breaking, so think twice about it!


Don’t you wanna build one?

get yourself some NESE modules ez peasy

This is just so i can take a board on vacay to Hawaii with me. I dont plan on keeping the pack otherwise… Quick question, can i take a 10s2p and combine a 10s5p using a parallel connector to make a 10s7p?

well are the batteries of the same type and relative same age?

Ordered a pack from Ownboard and received it 10 days later. Don’t know if that’s enough time for you :smiley: