10S3P 10S2P Samsung/Sony battery pack on sale

10S3P 10S2P Samsung battery pack on sale, internal BMS. Samsung 30Q/25R Sony VTC6 battery cells. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Electric-skateboard-DIY-18650-li-ion_60711612161.html?spm=a2747.manage.list.42.1429a987GbhwUk

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In case anyone else are wondering: «…bms support regen charging, charge and discharge through bms. Continuous amps 25-30A. Peak 60A.»

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The 10S3P one does not say which Samsung cells

Samsung 30Q cells, 9Ah


Nice to see asian factories getting up to date with the 30Q cell.

But if you´re using a 10s3p, you should not limit your board with a small BMS like that. 10s3p is able to deliver up to 60A continous, so optimum would be a 60A BMS.

Yes we can customize continuous 60A BMS as request. Continuous 25A works with our hub motor and esc.

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PMed you 10chars

Do you sell a pack capable of 120A peak discharge? Something like 10s6p, with a 120A bms

We can customize one…Do you have an enclosure the battery can fit?

Are you using one of these batteries?

No, I just asked for the details. They do not even ship them to Norway, so its out of the question for me. To weak bms also.

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Do you also make 12s packs? I am interested in 12s4p 30Q flat pack. Can you also do a 60A BMS with it?

We are not able to ship to Norway and Switzerland due to battery shipping restrictions ;(

Which countries are you prevented from shipping to?

Yes I can. Customize 12s4p 30q with 60A BMS. :slight_smile:

Awesome sent you a PM

In Europe, prevented to ship to Norway and Switzerland. In United States, only ship to continental states.

Hi guys, as I did not list specific details in my link, so i will consider establish a website and make everything as detailed as possible. Any question PM me please, i will get back to you as quickly as possible. Samsung battery cells not just limited to 30q, i can offer Samsung 25R,:wink: Thanks


Sent you pm yesterday

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Sorry for the delay, replied you :wink: