10S3P Battery and BMS mystery that peprhaps someone could help me to solve


My 10S3P battery crapped out 6 months ago. As funny as it wouldn’t be, I got my first low Voltage warning, as that was first time for me to discharge battery to 1 bar. Next day I charged battery and it was fine, went to work, drove home. Next morning the board wouldn’t turn on :smiley:

I am puzzled of what happened. Now I have disasambled the battery, just to find out that battery is soldered to the BMS :smiley: I checked cells and one cell was a 0.2V above others, so I discharged that cell to match the rest of the cells, now I have charged the pack, but the charge will cut off at 4.02V/Cell. I am able to connect to the board once the charger is plugged in, once it is disconnected, it wont even turn on. I tried to “activate” bms by charging the battery for 20 seconds via discharge port. On discharge cables, the voltage is approx 7V lower than on battery pack voltage. The charge port is giving random 10V all the way down to 1.8V.

I somehow feel that the BMS is stuck in disable discharge state.

I am attaching few pictures, perhaps some of you have some good ideas what could be done. Also I am unable to find datasheet of that particular BMS.

ITs the battery from Lycaon GR 2021 board. 10S3P 270Wh

Before throwing BMS away, I somehow feel that it is salvageable, but I will let audience be the judge.

Thank you in advance:)

check for breaks in the nickel strips. I have found that on less expensive batteries they tend to use thinner strips and they don’t stand up to the constant vibration of riding.