10S3P LIION Battery Pack Used (W/BMS)(Sold)

I’m going to move in the next two months, and can’t figure out a decent way to ship my whole frankenboard from Germany back to the States. I figure I’ll just have to gut the battery & BMS and get a new one stateside.

I’ll post pics eventually, but first I want to see if there is any interest in buying this. I’m not sure what a battery of this size should go for, but I’m guessing €250/$300 (OBO)? Please, keep any offers in this thread.

No stateside shipping, for obvious reasons. If I could ship it state side I wouldn’t need to sell it.

I would be willing to sell the entire board for €450/$550.

I got offered 120€ if I remember correctly for my 10S3P - way too low so I just kept it. Hope you have better luck…


Hi, I would be interested in the battery. But i would also need the measurements, could you get them too if you upload photos.

A new battery in Germany would be around 340 ( 10S/3P (9Ah) with BMS and Charging Station), so i would offer around half of that depending on condition and utilisation time.

I would also purchase your other parts if you can get me som more informations about your components.

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I have been using it a little less than a year, a couple rides a week until about September 2017. I’ve never had it run out of juice with exception to once last May. It’s worked fine since then. I’m attaching a picture but I’m not sure what you can make of it. I’m pretty sure they’re 18650 cells, at least I can see it stamped on one of them. I don’t really want to cut the tape off because it’s always been on there, the foam and Velcro holds it to the deck, and unless I’m going to sell it immediately I don’t really want to really take it off. I ride pretty rough, so my trucks, motor, and motor mount are pretty dinged up. Works great though. Like I said before, I’m really only interested in selling the battery because I can’t take it with me in Feb.

I think I would probably part ways with the battery and BMS for €120. I know I can’t take it with me or I just would.

Ok bumping this thread because my travel date is going to move to the left. Somebody make me an offer. First come first serve, buyer’s market. Otherwise I’m going to throw it in the “recycle your batteries” bin outside the commissary on base, which would be a shame because it’s honestly a good battery. I’ve never had any issues with it, and I’ve gone maybe 10-13 miles on it before it needed a charge… And I am 6ft tall and was 230 lbs (104kg) at the time (last summer).

I would really love to buy it but im low on $$