10s3p or 12s2p battery?

Hey guys, you might have seen a few of my previous posts about which batteries to get. I have come to the conclusion of either getting a 10s3p or a 12s2p battery from mboards.co. They seem like they are the cheapest ones out there, and they come with BMS and a charger.

The batteries are advertised on their site as:


  • $285
  • 15-18 Miles
  • 25mph+ top speed

12s2p: -$235

  • 10-12 miles
  • 30mph+ top speed

I do not know which one I should get! I need the range but then again the 12s2p is cheaper and will offer faster acceleration (i think). Any help is appreciated!

12s2p Should be better over all but if your running single drive 10s3p should be fine.

12s2p will have less range and more sag than the 10s3p.

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This is true on large motors but I have no idea what he’s running

Nope, the 12s2p has significantly less power no matter how you look at it. It will only provide a higher top speed. Until sag slows you down.

Mboards is not your best option for a battery.

There’s several battery builders that can give you a safer more reliable option for near the same money.

Check with @M.Hboards …if he can’t there’s other options as well.



I am running a dual 6374 setup with a 100A 300A Instant Flipsky VESC

Ok ill check him, thanks

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These two are not compatible. I mean I guess they are, but really you need a much larger battery than either of those linked, the amperage supplied is hardly going to get you moving and you’ll probably get just a few short miles of range.

I would recommend 10S4P Samsung 30Q battery at the absolute minimum. 12S would offer a higher top speed an tiny bit more range, keeping all things the same. Either way I strongly recommend you don’t cheap out on the battery when you are buying high power motors and controllers. "

And lastly, M.boards is a bad source for anything. I would steer clear.

Hmmm ok, what brands do you recommend? And how can you tell how the battery will preform?