10s3p Samsung 25R for 290 euro (with bms, charger, percentage display, switch)

I’m still not sure what I want to do for a battery. Lipo or Li-ion.

Li-ion seems to be a popular choice, but first I thought it would be out of my budget to go Li-ion. Then I came across eskating.eu’s 10s3p battery with all the bells and whistles and I wonder how they get it so ‘cheap’, as far as my li-ion knowledge goes. Original listing price seems to be 350 euro, but it dropped to 290 euro.

For which you get: Integrated bms switch Battery Percentage display Charging port 2x 2.1A total USB PORT to charge smartphones Built-in BMS 60A XT90 connector Voltage: 36volts (270 Wh) Configuration: 10s3p – 18650 Autonomy: 7 500 mah (30-35km) Charging time: aprox. 3-4 hours 100-240v 36v 2amp charger INCLUDED

Eskating.eu told me the bms is developed by themselves. So I don’t have any idea how this bms will perform, since I hear a lot of people talk about failing bms’s.

What do you think? What are your concerns? Is this a good deal?

Bare in mind that I’m from holland, meaning we call hills ‘mountains’ :yum:

I would not go less than 4P on a Li-ion if you got some hills and like accelerating, the voltage sag will be to big. If you are not going to start from standstill, go full throttle, or cruise around at very high speeds, 10S3P seems fine, and for 290€ it seems like a good deal. If the battery pack is on 270Wh I would say you get about 18-23km (not 30-35km) depending on how you ride. I tend to use 15Wh/km to calculate since I got some hills.

Could you also post a link to the product?

I’m from holland so hills are almost non-existent haha Here is a link http://eskating.eu/product/10s3p-eskating-electric-skateboard-battery/

I would like to have the board go from standstill. In what context do you mean ‘go full throttle’? And why would it not be possible to cruise at very high speeds?

I’m relatively new to battery technology i must say

depends on the batteries and what motor are you using.

Usually motors will drain ~60A so if your batteries cannot offer this will be bad.

Samsung 25R can offer 20A per cel so 3p you will have 60A but is kinda close. (it should work)

About the full throttle that is the point where you use the most your motor. And also when you climb hills.

I’d say going full throttle would also be everytime when you accelerate from standstill, right?

I ordered a 190kv motor (this one: http://eskating.eu/product/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv-sealed-sensored/) I’ll pick that up tomorrow at a ups point

for gearing ratio i’ll use 15/36 with 80mm wheels (kegels).

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Full throttle is when you push the throttle from remote to max. Honestly i wouldnt recommend you to to do a full throttle from standstill… the board will fly from under you… just go slow when starting till you find your sweet spot

with hills 3p it’s enough :wink: you should say 2p it’s not good for hills then it will be a big sag voltage for real!

Haha yes that’s what I thought. Since holland is almost completely flat, a setup with 190kv motor 10s3p battery and 15/36 ratio should give decent torque? or would a 170kv motor be a better option? or lipo 10s1p battery for that matter?

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depends alot on the hills, my hills around 20%.

it depends on how you are able to ride man! you can full throttle from standstill if you are able to stand up haha, just go a bit forward if you want to start like that. Need practice :slight_smile:

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indeed needs practice. im telling as for somebody who had no experience on an eboard so far i saw a few friends who are good at skateboarding falling back because they full throttled :))


you should be good with 190kv and 10s3p with that ratio

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he is from netherlands, it’s almost flat. but obviously if you ride just on hills, even 4p will lost voltage very fast.

190kv is great for speed and tourque in my opinion, and you don’t go over the 60keRMP on the vesc on that setup. If this is your first build you will be happy with a 10S3P for 290€. Of course you can hit full throttle from standstill and maybe just fly off the board. What I mean is that in order to not stress the batteries too much I would suggest going for at least 10S4P if you want to keep your batteries healthy for a long time. I am not saying your batteries will die after 6 months, I am just saying going 4P or more puts less stress on the batteries when accelerating hard or breaking really hard.

sure, you need to be super ready if full throttle…it’s a bit obvious guys

I went for a 6S1P (Lipo 25C) on my first build and pushing the batteries to the max. It worked out but I can’t way I would be safe riding with those batteries again after 4 months of riding.

I am building a 12S4P with Samsung 30Q atm to see how they perform.


I will try 30Q in future, I think they are even better!

The toughest hills in Holland are around 12% :joy: I have found a list of these hills and none of them are nowhere near where I live

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right now im running 10s4p with 25R and i got 40km range on them so im pretty happy with them.

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