10s4p and raptor 1 carbon deck for sale AU

Enertion 10s4p battery for sale (holds abkut 80% capacity as cell group 4 or 5 is only holding this much and limiting dischatge) $250 AUD

Location sydney australia


Raptor 1 carbon deck $300 aud


@dareno might take it

Not at that price I won’t. Have to be absolutely mint. 250 for a defective battery is dreaming to my friend. For perspective. I have a low use 10s 4p 30q enertion pack here that I paid 150 for. Got to be realistic if you want to sell these items.


And may l aak would u let me buy your 10s4p with slight use for $150 aud from u?

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Hello. If the deck is still available, I’ll take it off ur hands for $300 aud. Where are u located

Hey, if you still up for it lam located in sydney Australia