10s4p batteries for sale $300 (USA ONLY)

This is a continuation update post to this thread:

I am selling some brand new 10s4p packs

They are made with sony vtc5 2600 25a cells. The packs include a charge only bms, a detachable 2.1mm dc jack charge port (the standard on most packs) and a 5a fuse installed.

it comes with a spare 3a and 5a fuse as well.

I accept payment through paypal.

the price is $310 shipped anywhere in the continental USA or, $300 if you use friends and family payment.

all batteries i make are double insulated in fish paper and kapton tape, every possibly short point has been wrapped multiple times. all cells have a fish paper gasket on the positive end as well. the edges of the pack are abrasion proof as well. below are some pictures showing the quality of the packs

The p groups are glued with high temp hot glue to prevent it getting soft if the cells are running warm, they are then wrapped 3 times with fiberglass tape. by wrapping it 3 times, if 1 were to be damaged/cut it wont affect the structural integrity. they are then wrapped in fish paper. 20190504_193049

from there, the first welds are placed using 10x.2mm nickel strips. i dont have a picture, it was too pixelated, but a layer of fish paper is added between the bend for extra dampening and short protection. the tab sticking out is for balance leads to be soldered on.


lots of groups made at once and welds are inspected for quality. (this photo is before the fish paper is added to the bends)


The pack now gets assembled into its final form. the welds are place and then braided flat cobber cable is added where needed to increase ampacity without adding thickness. the power cables are soldered across and entire p group to insure a solid connection and to not bottle-neck the power output with too small solder points. All soldering is done with an extremely powerful iron so the temperature of the cell never gets very warm at all. soldering takes less than 1.5 seconds with pretinned cables. (sorry for pixelation on some photos, i have condesation on the inside of my phones camera lens)

20190506_152300 20190514_211639

these packs some with heatshrink as well.


the packs themselves are the following dimensions

2 piece(s): 15.25in x 5.75in x 1in

1 piece(s): 13.75in x 6in x 1in

both are the same price. if you buy them, they will be shipped within 36 hours of purchase at most with shipping that usually takes 3 days, but up to 5 at most. Tracking number is provided I only ship within the continental USA to avoid extremely costly hazmat labels and storage booking

interested? claim one in the chat and pm me to finalize it!

I also make custom packs incase you need one. just let me know. i try and offer the cheapest prices around and i can make them from almost any cell with a little bit of lead time.


i need atleast a 10ah battery higher ah the better i also need it to be able to charge in 2 hours or less and yes i am still interested in you packs

these are 10.4ah and can be charged at 5a which will equate to 2 hour charge time.

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bump. 10char

Looks like quality work to me. Looking forward to getting my new pack. Hopefully should arrive in the mail by the time I get back in town later this week from work.

As part of my new board’s shakedown runs, I may try to do a range test (back pack with tools, and a family member with a vehicle to come pick me up). Possibly this weekend.

Will report back, if I’m still alive…


If all goes well, it will indeed.

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Decent price wonder if you’d be able to make something for an ebike might be interested

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Bump. 10char

I feel like someone is gonna mention the sharp corners on the nickel strip :confused: they should be rounded off to prevent shorts

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They are double insulated with fish paper.

Then kapton is added as well. I have tried to see if they can poke through it with repetitive motion and the just cant.

I am glad you pointed that out though

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Good to know! Just figured someone would point it out eventually. How many builds have you put these packs in? What’s the range like? I don’t know too much about these cells

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Range completely depends on rider weight and motor size, but its only slightly smaller than a 10s4p 30q pack, but has slightly higher discharge abilities.

I use one in a spud style build and it seems to have more range than i use.

I prefer my mtb for long distance and my small Board for the “last mile”


also, buy my batteries please, i have bills to pay :confused:


Ready to ship tomorrow when the post office opens.




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Batteries are still for sale

bump. 2 still for sale. 1 of each layout

Bump. 10char

Bump bump bump. Got some more for sale

Interested in the 10s4p pack you have pictures of above. What do you mean by ‘1 piece’ vs. ‘2 piece’? Do you have some already built or would you need to build it? If the latter, how long would it take? Cost is still $300 I assume?