10s4p battery wanted or what have you EU/UK

I can build you battery, but I will need around 2 weeks.

30Q cells from nkon, fuse on charging port and I have both D140 and D596 from bestech.

Photos of last build (12s5p) for @Halbj613:






Yes @Tinp123 is good friendly builder

Really enjoyed doing business with him

Good prices and service


Im also in UK in bham, where abouts are you mate?

Would you be able to put up approx quotes for the work to do a 10s4p 12s4p 10s5p 12s5p builds

Do you do it as a service so we order batteries to you and you put them together with BMS fuse charge port?

hey, I am in Croatia, EU

I have 30Q cells at home, also I have D140 and D596 for 10s and D140 for 12s.

My price is 4,80 eur per cell (includes cell, my work, fishpaper, nickel…) and 50 eur for D140 or 80 eur for D596 bms. I can add led on/off switch for 3 eur and/or battery % display for 5 eur with D596 bms.

For example, 10s4p with d140 bms is: 10 x 4 x 4,80 eur + 50eur (bms) = 242 eur. + shipping (20-30 eur with GLS to most of EU)

we can make any combinations you want. I can do only spot welding job with your or my cells, I can do whole battery, as you wish