10s4p battery wanted or what have you EU/UK

Looking buy or have built a 10s4p or something close to it battery :love_you_gesture:

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for liion, take vtc5a, vtc6 or q30 cells. I prefer the vtc5a. I would not recommend lipo anymore because they alwaaaays start sag voltage after time.

Liion is the way to go, for me. :metal:

I have no experience with lipos but from what i read they only sag if they have a low C rating (like 20 - 30c for example). Not sure if you’ll notice that much sag with 65c Graphenes for instance.

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my experience is even with high end 50c lipos after the 30th ride they start to sag at 60% and start to lose capacity. I put them in storage mode after every ride and never over or undercharged them but did not help. Its just a lipo thing I think :grinning:

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Good to know , didn’t know that. I was going to try some lipos for a small build…I might change my plans .

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I mean lipos are totaly fine and easy to get them working. But for a long term build i would take liion. If the board is meant to be cheap just go with lipos they just dont last that long :slight_smile:

If you need a battery hit up @thisguyhere or @psychotiller both are solid battery builders

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If you had a 6s 5000mah 65c lipo it can put out 325 amps (just ratings)

30c they are rated for 150a

But I’m sure you know manfuacture ratings mean nothing

i have 3 sony vtc5 10s4p packs for sale $320 shipped anywhere in the USA

In all previous experience, the VTC5 has a slightly longer lifespan than the the VTC5a. both are fantastic cells, but realistically they can safely only pull 25a each

here is a useful site for verifying info about the genuine current abilities. (read the fine print at the bottom of the site)


Built my last battery lion 10s4p but lookin have this one built don’t have the time… 10s4p lion 30q with charge only bms flat pack to fit a hyperbest deck

Here is my second battery pack from @hyperIon1

10s5p flatpack


They are great to deal with and my other pack has been performing phenomenally.

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€327.29 for 100 Q30s shipped (Nkon)

If you’re going diy again, we could buy together. (need like 50x)

Edit: the bulk discount it’s not worth half the hassle.

Looking for a battery made in Europe/uk as I’m in Ireland

@pjotr47 send him a pm :wink:

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He’s not doing orders at the moment, I asked him like a week ago. Too busy with exams he said. I asked when he’d be done with them as it was a long term project…No response.

Look elsewhere!

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Ok… Let me think… @Acido is also building batteries in EU

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Yeah, I do but there’s probably a 3-4 week long line

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Haha thnx for the tag, I have to much guys asking me questions for building a battery, or battery building tips & tricks.

Unfortunately I am currently too busy with my studies.

@jimmymagix If I forgot to reply, sorry for that. I sometimes forget to answer. I often read messages at a quick moment

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I think @DavidBanner might be stocking what you’re looking for soon.

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