10s4p BMS with on/off

Im looking to buy a bms for 10s4p that has an on/off switch for my 18650 build.

Do you want good or cheap?

If you want good, get a Bestech D190 and a switch from @Kug3lis

so @Kug3lis can sell me the bestech switch combo or just the switch?

@JLabs has the besttech BMS with the e-switch


You’ll have to buy a switch but you can get those cheap on amazon or something like that.


Thank you!

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I have been looking at similar BMS solutions and i’m wondering how they will perform while riding? This one looks like it will handle the load just fine but, what will they do on over charge/discharge?

Mainly over charge, since i live on a hill i usually start off needing the brake before any power has been used, not very fun if it just cuts out. Even if it turns back on, with a nano x remote you’ll have to restart the remote to get it working!

Same for the LVC, i’d prefer a dead battery over a dead me. I guess that you could set your vesc to throttle down before there should be any risk of the bms tripping, but there still feels like it could be better. Or atleast some more info about it!