10s4p build with "sleds" for a super newb - wiring

super newb here.

bought a crap board and having issues.

deciding to do it right and do a proper build, starting from a battery pack.

below is what i think the wiring should be.

this would produce a 10s4p pack, right? each sled would be a 4p pack.

question is, can i connect the different polarities pointed out with

No make sure those parts never touch or you’ll end up shorting the pack. Happened to me and I blew a few fuses on my cell-fused pack. I would insulate it with something like kapton tape or rubber.

I also wouldn’t recommend using sleds as vibrations when esk8ing tend to knock the cells loose and it makes for a poor connection. If you are going to use them make sure you reinforce the sleds with a buss bar or thick gauge cable. If you don’t, you’ll end up melting the sleds.

Yup, plan is to insulate all exposed solder points in the pack with either silicone rubber or this stuff.

I plan to shrink wrap each of the two banks of five 4p packs, then the entire pack in PVC shrink wrap to ensure no cell jumps out. Also, all sleds are being soldered together with 8awg high temp wire.

I really like the idea of using sleds instead of welding the cells together. The most expensive and worn out part in a eboard seems to be the battery and I really like the flexibility of swapping out cells as needed.

So I’ll be following this wiring diagram for the pack then. I’ll be sure to post progress pics as I go along.


Nice! good luck with the build and keep us updated. This is exactly how I made my pack as well.


That looks great.

What enclosure are you using?

The enertion space cell enclosure.