10S4P VTC6 Loaded Vanguard DIY Project For Sale! (In UK, will ship parts internationally)

EDIT: Most parts now sold, thanks everybody!

Thank you for looking, Jonny. :slight_smile:


You got great parts. I always feel bad when I see someone throw the towel at the very end just before wining by knock-out


Thanks dude. Yeah I didn’t anticipate it taking 12 months just to mount the motors…:rofl::disappointed_relieved:

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So, now that you have them at last you are throwing everything overboard?

Tell us the real story


Hey dude… tempted by that battery buddy…

Let me know if you can do collection tonight at all?

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The real story is that it’s taken 12 months to mount the motors. After my Dad died in 2017 I basically had to take on a lot. Then I decided to quit my job and start ESK8 Stickers UK (launching soon) and everything in between (life) has slowed the project to a halt. I also rode the new Evolve GTRs this week so I would like to redirect funds for a Bamboo AT. And I’ve finally realised that I value being able to just ride and chill with friends more than brainstorming how the hell I’m doing to mount a Focbox to a piece of sheet metal with the correct sized screw, for example. So, as much as I respect the DIY community (as I know how much effort each board demands) it’s just not for me at the moment. I love a technical challenge but I just don’t have the time for this project.


Maybe you could send everything to some well respected builder in the UK, and they can assemble / finish everything for you, and send the board back?

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This is a lovely idea… <3

You can ship batteries all over Europe with GLS, they are an extension of Schenker

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Nice idea, but I’m more interested in potentially owning and riding a GTR.


A GTR and the beauty you can make with those parts is not the same…


I consider the GTR a step forward for Evolve. The Bamboo deck is great (nicer than the Vanguard in my opinion). It’s simply my choice. While the peak power isn’t as much as the UNiK motors, for me ESK8 is all about having a diverse board (AT/Street) and the Evolve will tick a lot of boxes for me. Also remember I have a Raptor 2.1… :smiling_imp:

I’ve added all items for sale (excluding the battery) to eBay for an easier way to buy, and I’ve updated my original post with all the links. I hope this helps, thanks! :slight_smile:

Just added a load more items to eBay if anybody is interested! Thanks :slight_smile:

Battery now sold, as well as some other parts.

I’ve re-evaluated pricing on some of the items, please do take a look if you’re interested!

Thanks :slight_smile:

What’s the difference between the 10s and 12s versions of the eboosted enclosure?

The 12S enclosures are simply a bit bigger to take 8 more cells. The enclosures I have for sale are for 10S only, so 10S4P (larger battery enclosure with more depth) and 10S2P (shallower battery enclosure).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Vanguard deck now sold! The 6355 motors, enclosures, etc. are still for sale.

All items can be seen via the link posted above ^

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Free ship apply for US too?

Hey Jason, sadly not. However I can get you a quote if you’re interested in anything :slight_smile: