10S5P DIYEBattery Issue

I purchased this kit (10S5P 360WH Battery&ESC&Power Truck Kit Dual 90*52mm Hub Motors) from DIYeBoards and I think the battery came defective. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue.

The battery appears charged. The charger light is green, the voltmeter says its got 42V, but when you apply a load to it the voltage drops to 12V instantly. When you plug the charger it instantly jumps to 42V. It behaves like a capacitor and not a battery.

The rest of the kit works. With the charger plugged in the ESC turns on and the hub wheels work, but if you disconnect the charger the ESC shuts down instantly.

I suspect something may have gotten disconnected in the BMS, the battery is defective, or worse I got a counterfeit battery ( a block of concrete with a capacitor inside lol). I’m not ready to open it since I’m hoping to get a warranty from DIYeboards, but wanted to see if anyone has seen something similar?

Get ready for a shit talking storm about them…however I had a good experience over a year ago and my 5p battery is still kicking, alive and well… Reach out and see what they say… Of they dont respond or ask you to unwrap the battery then an internal inspection would be next

Given the price it seemed like a good option for a first build. Looks like I’m about to get an education on batteries with my low budget kit. :crazy_face:

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email them and see what they’ll do. If they’re being a dick, you can technically dispute with paypal as defective item received. (Assuming you’re truthful and didn’t break it somehow)

The BMS is cutting off the pack, plugging the charger in resets it. This is because there is one or multiple dead cell’s in the pack. I ordered a 10S2P pack from them that did the exact same thing. I could ride for about 1mi before it would dangerously cut out without warning and then the board could no longer be turned on until it was plugged into the charger. I discovered this when I took the pack apart and removed every cell individually to test and measure them. One cell measured at 1.3V and would not charge. I don’t think you’ll be able to get anything from them… Their customer service usually consists of deny, deny deflect, deny. In my experience.