10s8P build finally complete

Sooo finally got everything together and finished my build. After a year of gathering parts, moving cross country… the joy the fun…

Specs: Dual 260kv motor: The only ones I could pickup at the time… 10S8P 18650 cells battery. MBS wheels GT2B remote Obviously 2 VESCx’s 16/35 gears, 15mm wide. on a landyachtz board.

First impressions so far… way wayyy too fun!

Pulls really well. Both Vescs set to: motor max 75a, batt max at 35a, motor regen at -65 for some intense stopping lol.

I’m around 215lbs, so pulling me up a 13% slope is doable, but just just. I’d probably need the 190kv motor’s to have more torque. Anyone 190lbs and under could easily easily use these motors up most steep roads i’m sure.

Next will be to test the distance.


Nice specs. Pics?





Old shot of the interior. Cleaned it up a bit


Is the battery pack double stack?

yesss indeed it is

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where did you get the enclosure to fit the double stack battery?

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Hows the watertight-ness of this? It looks kinda slack in the middle

Been a while i’ve been gone. But yeah DEF not waterproof! I also did not like that board… I’ve recently sold the whole setup tho. I was starting to look into a flatter board, but this did the trick in the meantime