10sp2 battery build

So I have 20 lipo battery’s and I want to build a 10s2p lipo that’s 5 columns 2 row and 2 high but I’m not to sure how to do and just need advice

First of all you will need 20 cells, if you are in europe I would recommend nkon and outside eu idk which site.

Then the cell types you need to choose: you need to do some research in it because I am not an expert on that but I would recommend 30q cells

Then building it: You will need a spot welder. The most used methode to make a lithium ion battery pack is by spotwelding nikkelstrips to the terminals of the cells in the correct order (10 cells in series and 2 in parallel) You can let it do by someone or borrow a spotwelder or buy one your own. You will need to have a good configuration what you like (sounds like you have one in mind) and weld everything together (dont forget to glue or whatever the cells before so there is less force on the nikkelstrips)

You will need to charge the pack and that will be done with cell balancing so you will need to solder a wire on every batterypack in series so you can wire a bms or balance charger to it.

Then isolating the pack, mostly done by big heat shrinking tube wrapped around it with all the wires out of it.

This is a quick overview of making a batterypack, I hope I have helped you a bit :slight_smile:

There is a lot of information about this topic on the forum and on internet already so be sure to use the forum, internet, youtube etc.

You can also use the noob question thread on the forum so you don’t need to post whole new topics on this forum and will dodge some hate :wink:

oh I have everything in their, just not to possitive in which way to make the nickle plates connect to each cell, then connecting the BMS to the battery pack haha

You have some more reading to do. There is a lot of info on this subject. Also, building a pack can be very dangerous, proceed with caution.

didint he say he wants to build it with lipos, since he has 20 cells?

Oh hahahahaha my bad, didnt read it correctly lol

np, guess he need some connectors, Kapton, cable and he is good to go

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So this is what i’m trying to do, to make a 10sp2, THe blue section i’m going to fold over so that it look slimer. Your thought everyone or maybe I should make it a different way

guys the OP wants lipos not L ions. maybe someone can help him