10x 12s4p Flat pack with the works and 4A Charger

Lots of people are asking for Batteries (Spring is around the corner)so I thought I’d offer a great Value “production” pack. If we can get 10 sold I can offer a 12000mah 60A pack with Bms, 120A Flier Sparkswitch (I don’t trust Vedder switches at 12s) state of charge Lcd and a 4A charger. For 410$ these run 500$+ anywhere else.

they would all look like this. 50% is due at order and 50% at completion. I will ship to anywhere in the world but if you order one and realize shipping is to much…your money is gone unless you sell it to someone else in a reasonable time. These will be made in a manner that the battery can be removed and the charge port, button and Lcd may remain in the board without soldering. kind of like this.

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