11s3p Charger Options

Fixed that.

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I can also recommend these Wate chargers from AliExpress. I have the 7A version for 12S and a 9S. The output voltage can be tuned easily with the potentiometer inside so that you don’t have to charge your cells to the max if you don’t want to :+1:

The fan is a bit noisy though, like a hair dryer.


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Ah, I see… There is different charging voltage than the output voltage

Is it possible to have an adjustable one? I also just built a 14s2p pack for my bike that Im building and would like to not have to buy two.

In that case you should have an adjustable lab power supply, which would be bulky.

Go for two of these Wate chargers. They are great for their value :slight_smile:

the min charge rate is stated 1.5 amps not even 1c. They give a graphing of charging at 4a.

Charging or discharging …everything slowly decreases capacity but it’s not bad to charge at the stated max charge rate in fact u can do much higher if u get away from cc/cv and charge fast at low soc. Probably helps cells a bit slow charging but not worth sitting around for hours to me

Here’s cycling cells at highest charge rate to see capacity drop https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=68556&start=200

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Yes we have also an adjustable one :sweat_smile:

A bit more bulky but if it’s anyhow only for home than you can’t make anything wrong with a lap power supply. Doesn’t matter which battery you will have in future, if you want to charge slowly or need a fast charge. It always comes in handy.

I disagree!! U can charge it at 12amps if not possibly even more at low soc. Don’t wait! Ride now n charge in half n hour. Too much eskate life sits watching the charger

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OP, 4a is perfectly fine for a charger. You’ll charge plenty fast.

I use a cycle satiator :sweat_smile:


Fast meaning slow.

I was sure about that :sweat_smile: I would say it’s not really a problem for the cells to be charged with 4A. But you might get a problem with your bms. It’s not always only the 80mA which goes over the balance wires. So you should know what you doing and choose the right bms. Plus idk how good balancing will take place if you charge up that fast.

The bms balancing could be an issue if the cells are way out of balance as they typically discharge balance slowly.

It seems yourebetter off charging at 4a and to only 4.1 then going to 4.2 at 1a

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