11s3p Charger Options

Hey guys - almost done with my build and want to know what chargers you are using for a 30q 11s3p setup?

I havent been able to find many with the correct voltage, are there any vendors or key words you use when searching for them?

Help appreciated. Thanks

Search for that on AliExpress. They should have some with 2-4A as well


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Or just 11s Charger… there are all kind of options to choose from.

Do I need to match the voltage with the 11 X 3.6v of the 30q = 39.6v

Sorry for the noob questions but first battery built.

@JLabs might sell them.

That’s for the shout @mikenyc

I have a couple high quality 11s 2a chargers if you want one. PM me

Why not charge at a decent rate. 3p with those at 4a possible. 10-12 amp.

It’s best to keep it at 0.5c charge rate for lion hummie :rofl:, for lipo you can do above 1c

Says who. Not the manufacturers. Manufacturers have a max charge rate. I believe it may help preserve the cells but not necessarily to charge so slowly. I’ll look

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Says the manufacturer


0.5c is standard charge rate anything above will degrade cell life faster

So for a 11s3p pack 4.5a is standard charge rate

And 1c is standard charge rate for lipos, anything g above will degrade cell life faster


And 11x4.2 = 46.2V just some vendors write the nominal voltage and some the end voltage. The charger I linked you can get with 1-5A depending on which model you choose. I think 4A is good for a 3p pack.

No it charges at 4a all the time, non adjustable

I just purchased some wate 10s 7a and 13s 10a chargers

What the heck you speak about?

Um the charger you linked

Yes drink some water… the Charger i linked you can get in 1-5A version from this shop. Yes it’s a separate charge for each current.

But sorry I need to say that also this charger will not constantly charge with 4a :tipping_hand_man:

Sorry meant chargers, also the one you linked is 4a and non adjustable

Alright when it first starts charging

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I never said it’s adjustable.

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Maybe it’s your wording

Now it’s right :wink: Let’s don’t confuse the OP. A 4A charger is pretty decent for this pack. I think we all agree at this.

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Yep, 4a is fine for the pack