$120 for complete Caliber V2 drive kit

IMG_20190212_235411 Switched to Dickyho’s 6inch tires a couple months back, and I don’t see myself going back to urethane mostly because the weather is always terrible here and I love rolling over cracks. If however, you have better roads than I do and better weather than Indiana, then this is the kit for you!

Total around 150 miles ridden on this kit. All the damage is cosmetic, no functional damage. The wheel pulleys have been bored out slightly to fit over Caliber Trucks, so no need to grind down your precious trucks! The wheel pulley and mounts look more damaged than they really are, you can blame my impatient spray paint job coming off for that. The mounts have some scratches roadside since they were mounted pretty close to the ground, but nothing major. Wheels have tiny cracks in them, the ones pictured are the biggest ones I could find.

What you get: x2 Caliber Trucks V2 50 Degree Satin Smoke x4 BKB 90mm 78A wheels x2 Caliber mounts by Dickyho with Idler pulleys x4 5M 295mm 11mm belts x2 5M 36T 12mm wheel pulley x1 Custom Crossbars made with steel and aluminum x4 Soft risers (1/4" and 1/8") x8 1.5" Panhead Hardware x8 Zealous bearings

Total price new with shipping : $210 My price : $120 + buyer pays shipping Not willing to part out at the moment as everything is a cohesive unit. Spreadsheet with all links. Images below

IMG_20190212_235428|666x500 IMG_20190212_235445 IMG_20190212_235541 IMG_20190212_235605 IMG_20190212_235642 IMG_20190212_235701 IMG_20190212_235745 IMG_20190212_235810 IMG_20190212_235846 IMG_20190212_235902

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Price dropped.

Any takers before I part out?

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Last try, dropping price to $130.

Apparently people are unable to reply, so message me if you are interested.

Price bump, now $120!