$1250 build 36+ mph and 15-20+mi range

After starting off with a koowheel, then going to an Evolve BGT, I decided to go the infamous DIY route. I built a single motor 6474 190kv 10s lipo build earlier this summer and the brakes/torque just weren’t there. Ya it went 28-31mph but the brakes were awful and in the end dual motors/vescs run 10x more effiecient.

TB 6374 190kv motor $120 ( x2 ) = $240 TB 12s4p battery (included charger, on off, voltage reader ,enclosure and is a xt90 plug) $450 TB VESC 4.12 = $99 (x2) = $200 TB 218mm trucks = $60 TB motor mount pulley kit 16/36 abec $99 (x2) $200 Deck ( Method longboard deck ) cut, sanded, stained and ployunrathane the outside. = $65 Wheels = Abec 11 97mm = $100 or clones $28 Nano remote = $25 Male to male service = $3 VESC canbus =$2 Vesc connector = $7 Hardware for deck and bolts for enclosure = $20 Shred lights = $40

After discounts and if you get clones instead of abecs you can keep this build within $1250-1300 which is crazy for the specs

This board goes around 42mph. Super windy ride today but this dual 6374 12s4p thing is a beast compared to my evolve.


How do those VESC’s do at 12s , you have to limit the erpm limit ?


I run 12s on my TB vescs, dual 190kv 6355’s using only autodetect to configure. I don’t trust them in foc but in bldc they rip.


Yes only bldc for me. I blew one in FOC about a week ago but I was being a dumb ass. Tried smoothing out MBS wheels Kaly style which doesn’t work on 12s. I’m going to run hybrid soon

Ya I don’t trust FoC but I’m going to go to hybrid soon.

can you take some pictures of the enclosure? How is the 12s4p running for you? Planning to get one too but still unsure.

Have you tried censored BLDC? I have a build similar to yours, but on TB vesc and one Ollin Vesc. I tried running sensored BLDC and it was a lot louder than unsensored, but only on the TB vesc, the Ollin board vesc had no increase in noise. Wondering if it’s unique to mine or typical of all TB vesc

Hey so this is old but how is hybrid going and what are your settings for it

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I have my dual TB running on hybrid and I agree it is quite a bit louder than it was unsensored. Idk why

My build which is similar to yours, I topped out at 35mph. Different brand motor/ESC but I limited erpm to 60k. Also unknown to me at the time my remote was only giving 93% at full throttle. I’m using maytech 6374 190kv and dual focbox. So maybe further testing is required to see if I can find another mph or two

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I actually never ended up running hybrid. I’ve got my board running great. Did this recently

You should be able to get 38-39 easily with a 12s dual 6374 190kv. How much do you weigh? What wheels? Bearings?

Probably 185 with all the gear I was wearing. 97mm wheels. 16/36 gearing. Ceramic bearings.

Hopefully the weather is better this weekend

Ya that’s weird, I’m 200lbs and I don’t even have ceramic bearings. I just have some abec 9’s. I have the same hearing as well with 12mm belts. What’s your vesc settings?

60k ERPM limit… but now I’m not sure I hit a remote limit or the ERPM limit

Look at the data where I hit 35, it just kind of flat lines.


46.5V on a 190kV motor is ~61,850 ERPM. You’ve limited it to 60k, which is why you’re maxing out at 93%

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Saw your you tube video nice work!! What are your vesc settings I have a similar build and can only get to 35

I’m honstly just running motor max at 50 then changed the ramp and startup boost. Going over 50 is just death. What size wheels, ratio, bldc?