12awg or 10awg wire?

Hey everyone,

I ordered some 10awg, 12awg, and 14awg silicon wire for my first build, and was wondering what gauge I should use for the main circuit (6s>VESC>236kv motor). I’m planning on using 14awg for the charging circuit, and was planning on 10awg for the main circuit, but it’s been damn near impossible to solder those beefy cables into the 4mm HXT connectors and even the XT90 connectors. My soldering iron isn’t great (Hakko cheapo off Amazon) but I was wondering if 12awg silicon was safely usable for my setup. Thanks in advance.

I find 12 awg to be the best for main circuitry. 14awg is fairly beefy for a charge cable. You should probably use something like 16-18awg for charging

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12 gauge is what enertion always used, Ollin used 10 gauge. I would saw bigger is better but as long as you are not pulling over 80 amps through 12 gauge your fine, it’s less then 1 foot run so very low resistance

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14 gauge is smaller it goes 8,10,12,14,16,18 largest to smallest in diameter

I know, that’s why i recommended a smaller cable than 14 awg for charging


Thanks for the quick response. Just finished a 4-hour soldering session (went for a ride around the neighbourhood though) and feel like I got nothing done cause of nothing quite fitting. I’ll see about making a second 12awg series harness tomorrow. at the moment the 14awg wire will be used for little more than a small bridge from an XT90 to an XT60 for charging. The charging cable from the XT60 to my IMAX B6 AC V2 is 18awg.

Motor has a highest loading amperage of 60A and a 190kv possible upgrade has a max loading amperage of 65A, so 12awg should keep me covered.