12mm ID Bearing for Flywheels?

Hi all,

I stumbled across these 12x22x5 bearings the other day. Given their 12 mm internal diameter, these could be used to potentially run Flywheels on Trampa’s 12mm Infinity and Vertigo truck axles.

Has anyone tried these bearings?

Considering the price, does anyone know of any alternative sizes/ sources?

The ones we need should be 7mm wide. @trampa sells these, for cheaper than the ones you posted

Edit: Sorry, I was wrong. Trampa sells the 8x28x8 and 9.25x28x8

These are probably not up to the task. I would use the ultimate hangers and our 9.525 bearings.



Their bearings are 0.875 ODx 0.375" ID, I’m sure you can find them on vxb or mcmaster.


$20 for 10.

They might be slightly narrower, but why wouldn’t they be up to the task Frank?

Because the rings are very slim and the groove for the balls is probably not very deep. You should be able to find some documentation about relevant values. Try it and you will see…


Why not just buy the ones I linked? They are the exact same size.

0.375 translates to 9.52mm ID. Okay if you have 10mm axles.

I would need 0.472 equivalent ID for 12mm axles.

Thanks for looking though

Yes I am reviving an old thread…

The Haggyboard 36t Flywheel pulley is designed for a 12mm diameter truck axle, using a 6001 bearing.

Has anyone used them to run Flywheels (or clones) on 12mm Trampa trucks?