12s 5000mah 30c LiPo vs 10s4p/12s3p Li-Ion

Also does anyone know where to get cheap Li-Ion packs in EU?


If someone else has made them I think they wont be much cheap… Usually expect to pay about 250-300 eur at least I think.

Cells alone probably cost close to 200 eur anyways. 36/40cells at ~4 eur a piece = ~160 eur + shipping.

  • spot welding
  • soldering
  • connectors & wires.

You might check @fottaz site. Then Alien power systems. Probably UNIK boards has some too.

Here’s a direct link for fottaz shop and 10s4p pack: http://eskating.eu/product/10s4p-electric-skateboard-battery/

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