12s 8 amp hour slim lipo NEW US only

Custom made from (2) 8000 Mah 6s lipos (brand new not a single charge in them)

I realized i dont want to use lipos anymore so i made these and just left them alone. its done in the slim lipo configuration. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HobbyKing-ZIPPY-Flightmax-8000mAh-6S1P-30C-DIY-Maker-Booole-/182152465333?hash=item2a69220bb5:g:aFYAAOSwOtBXS~U1 Batteries alone are almost $100 X2 (i paid more for them when they were more expensive) I can turn these into (2) slim 6s batteries if you need so you can charge them. Ill heat shrink them for you too.

US only


You selling them?

How much?

selling? yes its for sale. do you have an offer?

Depends i live in australia

cant ship batteries internationally sorry.

It’s ok I do have 1 question though I’m guessing you fit them with a balance lead do you make those leads because I can’t find one that would be long enough.

If you buy them could you put a link in

a 12s lead? https://www.amazon.com/10pcs-JST-XH-Lipo-Balance-Extension/dp/B00EZIKTKE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1467786991&sr=8-3&keywords=12s+jst

Not sure if you have amazon in Australia though?

fuhhh if I had a compatible charging set-up i’d buy these in a heart beat. I might have a custom charger commissioned to charge 3x 4s 6.6a batteries to stay within the 3x 100wh battery flight limit. those extra ah would be phenomenal if there was a good 12s 10a charger already in existence.

For the right price I’ll split it to 2 6s batteries so you can charge them :slight_smile: or you. An throw some more dough in and I’ll add a bms on it for you :slight_smile:

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dangit dangit dangit! I told myself I’d get into this to save money! Let me see what the miami boards guy says he can do with this custom charger, I currently don’t have any charging set up but if I can safely charge both 2x 6s’s and 3x 4s’s with the same charger (I assume yes), I’ll start throwing numbers your way. I should know by tomorrow night, I’m drooling over those watt hours!

haha alright buddy let me know what happens. This thing is going at a good deal trust me. i got bills due so this has got to go lol

I am guessing you just cut the end off

cut the end off what? I would just solder the leads on

I think @zk8_builder means cutting off the female connector.

Yeah sorry for that lack of info thanks @lox897

oh ! yes i just cut off the female side. :slight_smile:

Ok so I am getting a bit annoying here probably but where did you get/will get the heatshrink

I have a huge stack of heat shrink all from china takes a month to get here lol just google heat shrink.

Just base it on the dimensions I need

What are the dimensions of the pack?