12S 900W+ 18650 Battery Pack

I’m building my very first electric longboard. It is going to be somewhat ridiculous and overpowered, and for that I need a ridiculous and overpowered battery pack. I basically need a 12S 900w or more pack that will fit on the underside of a 39" longboard. Does anyone know where I could get one of these or any website that makes custom 18650 battery packs?

I know this will take a long time to charge and be VERY heavy, but that is not one of my concerns right not. I’m still not in the building phase so everything may still change. Thanks!

try @Eboosted. He might have some that you can use https://www.eboardsperu.com/product-category/enclosures/

please do some reading on this forum. a quick search shows you heaps of people who build custom battery packs

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I make custom battery packs and next weekend I am going to be making my own enclosures. If you are interested just DM me.