12S BMS monitoring help


While I am not looking to build an electric skateboard, my project uses many of the same components and scales as the builds I have seen on here use. I am wanting to build a large battery pack (12 or 13s) using 1c 25ah lipo’s I have, to power 12v car cigarette lighter sockets portably. Looking at other areas of this forum, I have gathered I should get one of these (http://www.batterysupports.com/468v-48v-546v-4a-lithium-ion-lipo-battery-charger-13s-13x-36v-p-168.html) chargers or the 12s version, and a Beseech BMS. As I only require 10-15A max output, I have choice of everything they list in this category, but none of them mention what monitoring, if any they have. As this is a battery pack, I need LEDs to monitor various things, specifically whether it is charging, when it has finished charging, and several to monitor current battery percentage. Does anyone know which, if any, BMS features these monitoring LEDs

Bestech sells bms’s with communication capabilities. You can contact them by email and give them the specifics of your needs and they will be able to recommend a bms to meet those needs. http://bestechpower.com/481v13spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/