12s charger 2-4amp

Looking for a 12s li ion charger with aluminium case in europe. Max 4A. Anyone got one they don’t need, or know a good place to buy one from?

Make one! Its quite easy and you can charge up to basically whatever amperage you want

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I rather just pay for one :smile:


Do you have a reliable source for schematics?

Here is the thread where you can find all the info! It’s a lot easier to understand when you have the actual items, just 5 wires to connect

Anyone tried this 5a charger?

I think I have 4A version of the same charger. Has worked fine for me so far.

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You could just buy a one for all charger for 6s to 12s Li-ion, LiFePo4 and sealed lead acid from 1amp to 8amps with many charging plug options called a Cycle Satiator!

That would be neat! Except for the price :confused:

I have a LED power supply that it’s perfect for our applications. It’s made for street lights so it’s super durable and waterproof ip65. Input is 90v to 305v. Output 44.8v to 51.3 perfect for 12s, also are many more options for 10s or 8s. Current adjustable from 2.5a to 5a. CC/CV. And the most enjoyable aspect is that it’s fanless so you won’t be hearing that tiny fan at full speed during two hours. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a light to indicate the end of charge but you can know that by the time it takes or by the voltmeter on the board or by the charger temp.