12s dual set up from diy top speed 29mph make me a offer

Pretty cool board wit battery meter jus make me a offer has about 30 miles on the board since Completion

Need more info about the electronics and batteries, some pics of inside the enclosure would be helpful.

4 3s 5000 mah hours two vesc from diy boards long board is a globe board 39.9 inches long 90mm wheels

You’ve joined 10 days ago and your first post is selling a board with bad spelling and grammar.

Seems fishy to me.

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Hey man screw you I don’t care what kind of camera uses and I don’t care if I join 30 days ago I just completed my first longboard and I just want to see what it’s worth and if somebody does a good offer I just myself if I can put a video. I would make a video of it dude what are you trying to say it doesn’t work

I did not mean to say cameras I meant grammar

Seems a little rude… all they are saying is that if you are going to sell a “working” board tben you should show videos of it working. Who would spend any money on something without any proof… wait, do you have a relative Prince from Nigeria?

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Am just going to call bs on his 4 3s pack of lipos getting 30 miles, I’ve gone thru several lipos before going 18650 cells and let me tell you 2 6s 6000mah 35c graphene batteries on dual 6355 motors only got me 15 miles. Second you don’t state any information of the build. How long ago was it bought? How many miles?Does it have a BMS ? Picture of inside the enclosure ? You can’t just jump into a community and jump in fishy and wonder why were being rude we were not born yesterday to just start learning about esk8.

This whole thing is fishy, and the rude demeanor doesn’t help. Videos would be nice, better pictures are a must, and a range test is advisable. Honestly, with lipos I’d estimate the best you’ll get for this is probably around 600$. The thing about DIY builds is that while they are expensive for the builder and perform better for that individual than a market board, it’s not worth much to the next guy who wants to take certain parts and make it his own.

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Are you the “anonymous” partner from @sid1’s post?

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Jus rode my board this morning

Looks like a good ride, however it fails to show us your total range…

Don’t test me I’m all the way legit bro

Youre honestly better off listing on Craigslist


Why did you just post order confirmations when people are asking for pictures of inside the enclosure?

Not too keen on the gap between deck and enclosure to let the XT90 pop out…

this aint the guy

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Sorry mate, but if thats how you´re going to behave, you won’t have a chance of selling that thing… Just saying