12s, Dual VESC, Dual Hub Motors. Quick build and first test drive

Short video of build. Actually only tested it running one motor because I didn’t have my helmet and running both motors was just too fast.

Check out my first build.

12s Lipo Dual VESC Dual Hub Motor

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That grin at the end is priceless! Happiness reflection!

How long did you take to finish the board from the day you purchase the first part till the day you went for the first test ride?

Hey there!

Thanks for the comment. I have been purchasing parts for a few months and didnt want to tackle the build until I had everything. The first part was probably 2 or 3 months ago.

I still have a lot of work to do on this one. I cant seem to adjust the throttle/pitch control on the bldc tool for mac. But I am still learning the software. Currently its on full or not on. Thats why I disconnected one of the motors as it was just way too fast. lol. I also want to add a decent switch and lights.

Any tips would be much much appreciated.

If you have access to a PC running Windows or Linux you can download @ackmaniac 's BLDC tool and program the throttle curve

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I also recomend you use watt mode on the @Ackmaniac firmware

did you use the 90mm or 70mm maytech hubs?

what type of battery did you use?

can the dual vesc work with one hub motor until i upgrade trucks to dual hub mount