12s Electric Surfskate

Log of my electric surfskate frankenstein build. I bought all of the parts for this build individually.

The deck is a 33" by 10" surfskate covered with Phil Lewis Art and then 4mm foam grip on top. Newbee v2 footstop really lets me lock in. Radium titantium anti-sink washers help protect the deck.

It utilizes a 12s2p battery powering a Backfire/hobbywing esc and I went with the new R3 remote. Dual 540w Meepo hub motors with 100mm pu sleeves. Dual kingpin front trucks with Riptide bushings and pivot cups. I went with 100mm Boa constrictor front wheels with Onsra ceramic bearings.

This board is wicked fast and carves like a dream. It’s been a fun little project, continually tinkering. Thanks for checking it out!