12s ESC Wont Handle 12s Voltage

I switched the voltage from 12s to 10s and 8s and back to 12s and it only every does jerky movement after riding it for a min on 12s - it will just lurch or not want to go past a certain speed - I can take a video but I am sure someone has an answer to my regular 12s ESC problem?

You forgot to tell us what ESC you are using. It sounds like it might be overheating though.

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Ya they all look the same but it looks like the same one the JLabs and Dexter sell

thats normally a maytech 12s ESC, they tend to stop working sometimes…


They tend to run a little hot as well. I ran a pair of those on 12s with Carvon motors and didn’t have the problem your having. I got mine from Dexter.

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I burned up the only maytech VESC I’ve ever owned. I also burned up a Flyer VESC.

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Mine Looks like this, This, or This — Looks like dexters or Jlabs - there are a bunch of people that sell that same one but it is not the maytech one :slight_smile: