12s2p battery layout photoshop mockup


I spend the last few days learning about building custom batteries. Would this be a correct layout of the 12s2p? I am mostly confused about the BMS and the charging port wires

I appreciate all the feedback and feel good about being part of this community!


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Put a fuse on the charge port

Connect the balance leads to the negative sides of the P-groups


Probably avoid copper braid and use silicone-insulated finely-stranded tinned-copper wire


Definitely avoid copper braid. I would also recommend against soldering directly to batteries if you can avoid it. Look for cells that already have nickel tabs spot welded to the ends and you can safely solder wires to those. For your build I’d recommend at least 10 gauge wire if not 8.

Wiring diagram looks accurate.

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Oops where are my manners? Welcome to the ESK8 forum. :upside_down_face:

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Sorry for the newbie question, but could you link me a good example of which fuse to use?

Thank you! Just exploring the rabbit hole since the past month :smiley:

I shall switch to 10 gauge wires then

Also, which fuses would you reccomend for the charging port?

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Double the current you plan to charge at and 58V

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Not sure what fuse to recommend. I’m fairly new to ESK8. Been in the Rc hobby for over 10 years but we dont use fuses when charging. Just hobby grade balance chargers.

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Not sure about shipping there, but this is a good part for up to 8A charging

Mouser part # 0997015.WXN

I just solder the wires to it then epoxy or hotglue it inside, near the charge port. You want to fuse the charge port. Either + or - is fine.