12s2p lipo setup

Can i have a 12s2p lipo diagram so i can plan what iam going to buy… Also can i have some tips and advice so i can avoid mistakes because im new…

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What type of cells are you using and what shape is your enclosure? 12s2p can be practically any shape you want. But it will most likely look like this unless you want a 1 cell thick pack:


Dont forget to use barley paper inbetween each pair of series cells and ring insulators on the positive ends of your cells. Recommend binge watching lots of youtube videos on pack building before you start.

Ok thank you

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Also when it comes to build quality, look for those battery builders who take several extra steps like super clean balance wire management where the wires are all neatly arranged, isolated from each other and they dont cross to prevent them rubbing and possibly shorting out.

And dont forget to buy a roll of both thin and wide strip kapton tape.

One more thing to consider and I wish more battery builders would do this is to use clear battery shrink wrap. That way if anythings going wrong like hot spots in your nickel strips you can easily see that thru any discoloration or even melted holes in the wrap, or worse, if one of the cells is leaking electrolyte it should show up on the barley paper.