12s3p 30Q's sufficient for dual 6374s and some BMS Stuff

Looking to throw together a board Would a 12s3p 30Q be lacking when it comes to powering a set of 6374s? or how hard could you sort of safely push a 12s3p battery in terms of settings Vesc? When it comes to the BMS there seems to be two schools. Cheap out and bypass for a slightly more sketchy build or get the 80A Bestech BMS or the 60A supower one. Don’t know if enjoy the over voltage no brake jazz of the supower BMS. Would a smaller Bestech BMS be sufficient like the 50A one: http://www.bestechpower.com/444v12spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/PCM-D452V1.html Cant have anything bigger then 70mm x 150mm x 20mm :frowning: Have heard that you need to keep the power on (XT90s anti-spark plug in) while charging a BesTech BMS is that myth or just bullshit? Any clarifications would be very much appreciated :blush:

Yes, there wont be an issue https://calc.3dservisas.eu/

It’s not about cheaping out or being sketchy, people spending 2k on a build arent going to wory about another $100 for a BMS. The major deciding factor is space. If you treat your cells with respect, check them regularly and charge attentively you’ll be fine on bypass. It’s all up to you.

Yes some of them with the integrated switch, just have a good read before you buy.


@brenternet…you okay? Feeling alright?

@Schtekarsten all of @brenternets advice is perfect btw.

There’s a proper way to bypass the bms perfectly fine and it’s not considered “cheap” or “sketchy”

Yeah I know that but you will end up missing out on a few protective features, but I could live with that. I’m am looking into putting together skateboards and selling and I assume that there is a no go in bypassing then.