12s4p 30q battery pack [US]

Trying this one more time This is a 30q 12s4p pack that was built by @ZackoryCramer It has one full charge. I built a board then decided to go back in to motorcycles. It has a bestech charge only bms and will need to have a discharge plug soldered on. Comes with a basic laptop brick and I’ll toss in a few laptop style plugs. It does not have a switch. Dimensions are 19.25x5.25x1.5 I’ll ship in the US only sorry international guys. $300 plus shipping.


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i dont need it, but i think thats a fair price for someone without the capabilities and needing a pack ready to go!

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Just curious what model bestech did you use I am looking around for suitable 12P charge only bms

Bestech d205v1 @Movation

Thats a 10S BMS but I found the HCX-D132 looks close enough for charge only.

http://www.bestechpower.com/444v12spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/PCB-D205V1.html This is the one I have. @Movation

So nobody wants my stuff :’(


Just gonna throw this out there. Buying batteries that are shipped to you without proper inspection sucks balls. You never know what could be wrong and if the OP is being honest. (not saying you’re not legit) @Mikenopolis sweetcheeks is dealing with an issue and I myself am experiencing problems with my battery. It may be why your experiencing a lack of willing participants


Yeah. His battery is built by Mr. ButtBoarder. So there’s no history of his workmanship. Mine is built by Bara. So that was sold easier because there was no mention of the epic collisions.

I know the age of he cells due to talking to Miguel and I trust him


100% agree with this. Secondhand batteries are tricky to sell as its hard for the buyer to verify the cells are new/authentic as well as build quality. Too many horror stories of batteries gone wrong.

Good luck with the sale though, hope you can reach a deal with someone.

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@Mikenopolis @Bobby I do understand grievances and understand that these are a fickle thing. The workmanship was well done, while not on the pros level it is a great battery with good welds and solid build. I was frustrated, broke and tired of being alone when I was riding. That’s how it goes I guess.

Also the power brick is obviously don’t leave that shit alone because I didn’t even trust it. That’s like no.

My life :weary:

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Man. Thats true for me on many levels. Fortunately for me, I am not tired of riding alone yet. Group rides are a blast but sometimes I need me time, especially with a family. Riding a few miles down The Silver Strand to a secluded bench is really therapeutic.


Also a solid thing for the weather here to be a real piece of work. Will be sunny and five minutes later it will be hailing and snowing in July.

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For anyone who wants to see the battery build quality. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/raw-welded-and-soldered-12s4p-30q-pack-for-sold/46339

I’d be tempted if it was double stack so it would fit in my hummie deck.

Do you mean charger port, balance JST or what? I’m confused :grin: