12s4p battery how many cells do I have?

I have a 12s4p bldc tool the new vesc tool wants to know how many cells for battery cutoff limits

do I have 12? or do I have 48 cells? 12x4=48 is my math here… help please :smiley:

You have 12 cells. This is what you should choose. If you had a 10s4p (Like I do) you would choose 10.


thank you very much!

What the cutoff calculator is"asking" is how many packs do you have in series. It’s a voltage based protection. You have 12 packs of 4 cells in series.

another question, I am running motor detection with kaly nyc 6374 motors, on a kaly nyc street carver setup

i am running detection in FOC and it says FOC detection failed? should I run the motors in bldc?

Are your sensors connected correctly? I’ve had them fail when detecting FOC when my wires weren’t correct.