12S4P lithium ion charger dilema

Hi guys,

My 50.4V 4A battery recently started malfunctioning (the indicator LED starting acting up weirdly), this is the charger I had Fast Charger (10s and 12 s) - Electric skateboards parts by Eskating (50.4V 4A fast charger for 2.1mm pin ). Im afraid to keep using the charger since since I didnt install fuse before my BMS (if there is some reliable way of chechikng it functionality Im happy to try). I would buy the same charger but it is out of stock. I would like to buy a similar charge from some EU site since I would like to ride my board before any snow appears XD. Therefore I would like to avoid aliexpress, alibaba etc. Thank you for any tips. So far Ive been able to find this on US amazon which ships surprisingly fast:[https://www.amazon.com/Battery-Charger-Skateboard-Electric-110-220V/dp/B076KJD4J5/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1K432HJYENKAY&keywords=50.4V+4A+charger+2.1mm+jack&qid=1668288622&sprefix=50.4v+4a+charger+2.1mm+jack%2Caps%2C185&sr=8-5]

It is a 50.4V 1.5A charger. I am a bit new to the whole charger picking and so as far as I understand the only difference should be that it would charge slower right?

Any additional tips, knowledge will be greatly apreciaced. :blush:

That charger is a piece of dog shit.

That vendor you bought it from (eskating dot eu) is also horrible. Never shop there.

That replacement charger you linked is just as crappy.

If you keep shopping for lowest-priced items available quickly, you will keep getting lowest-quality items.

There is a continuum: cheap, good, fast. Pick any two. You’ve chosen fast and cheap.

Might I suggest you choose cheap and good? Might take a bit for shipping.



thank you very much for the reply. Unfortunately I found out the vendor is trash the hard way XD. I absolutely know what you mean by chape/good/fast, but at this point I would be okey with buying a little more expensive one . Do you happen to know of any more pricy but good and fast option??¿??

also, how is it with the amps. A lot of ppl keep saying 6A is too much but other say its fine, I understand it depends on the cells but most ppl use samsung 30q right??¿??

thank you for any help :innocent:

What battery? What are the specifications of it?

Ive build a 12S4P battery made out pf samsung 18650-30Q batteries (3000mAh capable of 15A discharge, rated for 4A charge). Im was just wondering if you know of any vendor in the EU who might sell 50.4V 2-4A battery charger. I understand that fast+good= not cheap. I was trying to find anything aroun 70€ but all I found was aliexpress/alibaba which take long to get here so I was just wondering if you know of any other options??¿?? :innocent: