12S4P Samsung 30Q

So wanna build a new deck with MAD hubs, Focbox unity and a 12S4P battery with samsung 30Q battery’s.

I wanna use the Jet Vulcan Rocker 36,5" deck and it think this is the best battery placement for it. 56

But whts the best way to weld the pack? Weld all the 12X4 parallel packs and use 12AWG wire to make the serie connection? or weld everything and bend the cels and nickel strips inside (180° bend).

What would be the best thing to do here?


Generally bending the nickel 180 isn’t recommended, it will break from the stress and cause hella issues. Use 10awg where you can and you should put wire along the nickel so the nickel only carries the amps from a single cell

If you already have the mad hubs, which do you have?

I recommend the 75kv version, as the 130 sucks STUPID amounts of energy

So best to only weld the parallel cells and do all the rest with 10awg wire?

No still need to order them, im gonna order it from the second group buy, and yea the 75kv version. Do you have the 130 version?

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If you can, yes. Cut a strip that is 8 cells long and weld it on the one end of each row and 2 4 cell long strips on the other, if you can you should connect between cell 1-2 and 3-4 from each parallel pack but one wire between 2-3 should be fine

Other option is weld short tabs on the end of each cell and solder a single line of wire along the tab, it will make the pack have a smaller footprint and it should be strong if you strip the wire in the middle instead of 7 small sections. You can bend it around at the connection between rows safely but it does add a few mm to the height

The best method without using battery pcbs is the method I used for my battery. This is what a lot of builders use too

image image


But look at my setup, the connections are facing eachother for the series connection.

Use Pat’s method and bend it on the wire, it should be fine

I had them, yeah. Werent that great

And you have the 75kv version also?

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Replied in pm

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see if you can find some inspiration


Bend the wire 180 degrees

Isnt it possible to just solder the wire straight like this on the nickel strips?image

You need this

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